Dogstar Band Summer Tour 2024: After the Europe tour, boys will play in the USA again

5. July 2024

The summer of 2024 has been a landmark period for Dogstar. Following a triumphant tour across Europe, the band – comprising Bret Domrose (vocals, guitar), Rob Mailhouse (drums), and Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves (bass) – is set to electrify audiences in the USA once again. Here’s a look back at their incredible journey through Europe and what American fans can expect from the upcoming shows.


European Tour Highlights

All the European concerts were a great success. Fans went wild and sang and hummed along with the musicians. Dogstar played sold-out shows everywhere, in countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, UK, England, Italy, Croatia, and Serbia.

Festival Fever Everywhere

Performances were marked by their impressive sound quality and the band’s ability to connect deeply with their audience. Dogstar was a highlight at major European music festivals. They left unforgettable memories behind them this summer!

Keanu Reeves: From Screen to Stage

While Dogstar is a collective effort, Keanu Reeves’ involvement brought additional attention to the tour. Known globally for his acting career, Reeves demonstrated his musical prowess and stage presence, proving his versatility. His bass playing added depth to the performances, winning praise from fans and critics alike.
For those eager to delve deeper into Dogstar’s journey, the book “Keanu Reeves Art & Speed” offers a fascinating insight into the band’s formation, early concerts, and tours. The chapter “MUSIC: The International Language” is particularly illuminating, providing detailed accounts of Dogstar’s evolution and its members’ artistic pursuits. 

Looking Ahead: USA Tour

With the European tour wrapped up, Dogstar is ready to bring their electrifying performances back to the USA. American fans are eagerly awaiting the band’s return, with shows planned from begin of August to end of September. The upcoming tour promises to build on the success of their European leg, offering unforgettable live music experiences!

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the action – buy tickets through the official Dogstar website and prepare for the next epic journey.

Keanu Reeves' Art & Speed


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