I have loved reading and writing since I was a child. Because I’m a visual type, I’m also very interested in other forms of art such as; cinematography and fine art, not just literature. I have also studied music, which is one of my favourites as well.
Among these, cinematography ranks first, and I like actors who are also fascinated by the magical world of the arts. Keanu Reeves belongs to this group of actors. So, it was no surprise that my first book would be about Keanu Reeves.

I was born in the city Košice, in former Czechoslovakia. I grew up there and obtained a MSc degree. Later in 2001 I moved to Budapest to teach informatics at the  Budapest University of Technology and Economics. My love of movies and writing led me to studying journalism and became a member of the Association of Hungarian Journalists (MÚOSZ), and a few years in 2010s I worked as a journalist for some online culture magazines in Hungarian.

That is when a new era began, full of colourful adventures. My contributions to these magazines were articles and reports focusing on international film festivals and various movies. Doing interviews allowed me to meet well-known people from the world of cinematography. That time I started writing short articles in English as well.
My adventure period turned into  Magic when I first met Keanu Reeves during the filming of 47 Ronin in Budapest, spring of 2011. I introduced myself and I mentioned that I wanted to write a book about him. He was a little bit surprised but probably didn’t believe me. But when I explained that I would not write anything about his private life, only professional things, he got serious and appreciated it. So, as I promised I completed my book Keanu Reeves’ Art & Speed The Matrix’ Hero, Wins Over New Dimensions, which is full of information.

And what am I doing in my free time? I like nature, wandering in the mountains, I like to enjoy the sun on the beach and to take a dip in the foamy sea. And in Hungary? Lake Balaton is my favourite, of course. I love to cook, try new recipes from the internet, and then enjoy the delicious food with my friends over delicious wine.