Do you have a story and want to publish it?

An idea – a story – appears in your head and you feel that you definitely want to share it with others. You have collected the information for years, you organise it. You think other people will like it too. So you don’t care about anything else when it comes to writing. You just try to finish the work as soon as possible. Sometimes it takes years to get to the end. And you are feeling overwhelmed. But you don’t give up, the goal is near. One day you will finish your story and be proud of yourself. You think your job is over. This is a big mistake.


Learn from my mistakes

I also thought that when I finished writing, I could celebrate. Today I know that I should have dealt with other tasks during the writing or even earlier. Don’t make the same mistakes I have done. Two months after the book was published on Amazon and other online stores, I appeared on social media with my book. Big mistake! You have to appear on the social media platform much earlier, as soon as the idea of your story is born. You need to show yourself so that your future readers can get to know you. I only had a private Facebook account. Only 2 months after the release I started posting information about my book on my newly created author page. No one knew me. In fact, there were people who called me a fraud and dissuaded others from buying my book. It was a completely incomprehensible story that made me very sad. But I didn’t give up because I knew they were wrong. I continued to publish information about my book Keanu Reeves’ Art & Speed and realized that promotion and advertising are very important in order to reach many people.

Successful self-publishing

You need to start with promotion before the book release date, approximately half a year earlier. Marketing strategy is important as well, and professionals can help a lot. If you learn from my mistakes, you can be successful with your book and you can go through the bumpy roads of self-publishing much more easily than I did this first time.

Keanu Reeves' Art & Speed


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