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Art and Speed is a one of a kind description of a multi-talented artist. Books on him tend to concentrate on Keanu Reeves’ films and actorship, however Art and Speed discovers his love for literature, music, art, and martial arts. It will be a hit not only with his fans, but with anyone who is interested in a holistic approach to life.

Krisz Nadasi, writer, editor (

Introduction of an introvert but very exciting artist
An excellent overview of Keanu Reeves’ artistic work, a book that every fan should read. The author has done an enormous amount of research to present the work and interest of the rather aloof but extremely versatile artist. Probably even the most knowledgeable fans will find new facts as the author explores each area from the most obvious acting and cinema through literature, music and fine arts to martial arts and motorcycling.

Susanne from Germany (

An entertaining and multiple analysis of Keanu Reeves’ artistic life course. I was amazed by the amount of the quotes from many artist who associated with Keanu. The author put an enormous effort to make a profound research. Also I found very interesting how the author connected the divergent genres and parameters where Keanu Reeves left a footprint at – such as: music, acting, making movies, being a producer, poetry, his connection to oriental ideologies – buddhism – or to Russian classics, painters and designing of motorcycles. I think it came through from the chapters what an amazing and divergent talent Keanu Reeves is!

Titanilla Arnóth (